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Our practice team regularily deals with actors from the not for profit sector.

We set up entities in Belgium such as “Association sans but lucratif” / “Vereniging zonder winstoogmerk” (ASBL/VZW) and “Fondation” / “Stichtingen“.

We organize the governance of such entities and offer services to monitor their compliance according to Belgian law. Our team members can liaise with the client’s trusted external experts or with the external experts as proposed by our team to the client’s approval.

Our clients are active in a wide range of sectors, such as health, art & culture, environment, education or trade & lobby associations.

Belgium is the host of the EU and NATO and is one of the premier policy and decision centers in the world, with Brussels being a global top-2 location for diplomats and foreign journalists.

According to the latest available figures, more than 2,000 international associations and organizations in a wide variety of sectors are based in Belgium and more than 90% of them are located in Brussels. The activities they carry out in Belgium have often an impact not only in Europe, but world-wide.