Senior Housing

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One of the most important challenges of our century will be to develop and manage an infrastructure to provision and care for an increasingly more important number of dependant and non-active elderly citizens. Within a few decades, the percentage of elderly people in Belgium in a need for professional care will be multiplied by a factor of 4 or 5.

Our Senior Housing team benefits from Verhaegen Walravens’ longstanding expertise in all real estate matters, spearheaded by partner Anouk De Graef. Over the years, Anouk supplemented this important practice group with a deep knowledge of all aspects and issues with respect to the construction, management, acquisition and financing of senior housing projects and developments.

Our team regularily negotiates with the competent authorities for the obtainance of permits or the reimbursement of INAMI/RIZIV indemnities. It deals with human resources related issues with respect to the exploitation of senior housing, nursing homes, service apartments and assisted living units. Having an outstanding expertise with respect to these operational aspects of this sector, our Senior Housing team have an added value in all M&A transactions, transfers of licenses or undertakings, construction and permit related issues with respect to senior housing.