Permits & Authorizations

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Permits Project Management @ Verwal

Numerous permits and authorizations are necessary to operate activities in today’s economic environment. Obtaining said permits is often time and energy consuming.  In addition, permits are granted by various public authorities pursuant to countless and constantly evolving legislations, which differ between the 3 Belgian Regions.

Our Permits & Authorizations team can guide you through the various permitting schemes, helps you monitor the permitting situation of your projects and/or challenge granted permits in administrative or court procedures.

We have broad experience in the whole permitting process, from lobbying the public authorities before starting a project, to accompanying permit applications or filing appeals against permit refusals (or against stringent permit conditions).  In addition, we also handle the infringements procedures (e.g. filing regularization permits, challenging fines).

All team advises in all types of permits, such as building permits, environmental permits, the new Flemish “Omgevingsvergunning”, socio-economic permits, permits to operate hotels and nursing homes/senior housing (+ fire safety), permits in the food sector (+ hygiene issues), permits in the hospital and medical sector (e.g. authorization to open a bank of human material, authorization for medical devices such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)),  and permits for the storage and use of explosive devices.