Verhaegen Walravens referenced in IP Blog 1709

Verhaegen Walravens has been referenced in Tibbie McIntyre‘s Conference Report – ‘Moral Rights and New Technologies: Authorship, Attribution and Integrity in a Digital World‘, posted on today’s 1709 blog in relation to authorship and new technologies:

“Florian De Rouck from Verhaegen Walraevens, discussed artificial intelligence. He presented on the moral rights repercussions regarding artificial intelligence, from the 1960’s software Aaron to the cutting edge Google Magenta project, which is designed to ‘advance the state of the art in machine intelligence for music and art generation’. As it develops to greater and greater complexity, artificial intelligence will surely destabilise our current understanding of the concept of the author and the creative product.”

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July 2017 – Catherine Wijnants presents major reform of Flemish permitting scheme to KMLPA

Catherine Wijnants, VW’s partner in Administrative Law, gave a presentation in Antwerp on the major reform of the Flemish permitting scheme, the “Omgevingsvergunning” before the KMLPA, the Royal Association of Land Surveyors of Antwerp. The new scheme introduces a new single permit, which integrates the previously distinct building, environmental and allotment permits. As of 1 January 2018, the integrated permit will also cover the retail activity of certain projects. The new regime partly entered into force on 23 February 2017 and will be fully operational as of 1 June 2017.

June 2017 – Verhaegen Walravens co-sponsored Flagey and Marie-Jo Lafontaine’s newest film “Brussels Swings ! A Road Movie of Sound”

Verhaegen Walravens co-sponsored Flagey and Marie-Jo Lafontaine’s newest film “Brussels Swings ! A Road Movie of Sound”. The inaugural private viewing of the film at Flagey on April 26 was a huge success and received highly positive acclaim.

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Anouk De Graef appointed Chairman of the Georgia Business Club

Anouk De Graef, VW’s real estate partner, has been appointed Chairman of the Georgia Business Club. The Georgia Business Club is an Antwerp-based real estate platform for constructors, entrepreneurs and the liberal professions. For the time being, Georgia Business Club is composed of 56 members active in various sectors: developers, investors, architects, constructors, real estate brokers, architects, … For all Georgia Business Club’ events, please see

Julie Borgerhoff & Koen Byttebier publish key legal guide on “Crowdfunding” in Belgium

Need crowdfunding for your ideas or projects? Crowdfunding to invest directly or through starter funds? Or crowdfunding to support not-for-profit initiatives? Our associate, Julie Borgerhoff, offers legal guidance in her book “Crowdfunding”, the first manual on the law related to Crowdfunding.

VW’s Hospitality team assisted the Irish hotel management group PREM in the renewal of Holiday Inn Schuman

VW’s Hospitality team, consisting of partner Jacques Verhaegen and associate Florian De Rouck, assisted the Irish hotel management group PREM in the successful renewal of its management agreement with respect to the Brussels-based Holiday Inn Schuman. Prem Group manages over 40 hotels across Europe from city centre budget properties to serviced apartments and luxury country resorts.